What is an Amigurumi


What is an Amigurumi?? When you ask this question you can get a variety of answers but today I will tell you my opinion. If you like this blog post don't forget to check out my other blog posts.

Answering the main question

When I think of an amigurumi the first thing that appears in my mind is a toy. Although some amigurumis aren't meant for toys this is what most people imagine when you say amigurumi. In my opinion, an amigurumi is more than this. An amigurumi is a crocheted or knitted object that is stuffed. It can be used to show and express your creativity, your personality, what you like, and sometimes how you feel. An amigurumi is always a handmade object so you can design it and make it however you please. Some people might expect it to be a small-size object but amigurumis come in all shapes and sizes. If someone expects a small amigurumi remind them amigurumis and handmade things, in general, can vary in size quite a lot.

When mentioning amigurumi, if you don't describe them people might only think of an animal. Since animals and amigurumi start similarly and a lot of amigurumis are animals people might venture a guess that you're referring to an animal. If you make a crocheted doll that is 3d it's an amigurumi. Even if you crochet a couch or a tv as long as it's 3d, and stuffed, it would be considered an amigurumi.

Examples of different types of amigurumis

All the amigurumis below are made by me. Most of the amigurumis have posts on my Instagram. If they do have a post on my Instagram, once you click the photo you should get a link to take you to that post.





Objects that in real life aren't alive




Ice-Cream Snowman

Summing it all up

Before we sum it all up there is one last thing I would like to throughout there. If a crochet creation is 3d rather than 2d it is considered an amigurumi. It is extremely unlikely a 2d object is considered an amigurumi. Neither the less it's time to sum things up. An amigurumi is a handmade crochet 3d object. Most amigurumis are animals but, a lot are dolls, or things that in real life aren't alive, are still considered amigurumis. When telling someone about an amigurumi you made don't forget to describe carefully what it is otherwise people might think of something that is not what you made.

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