Stitch Markers


I believe that stitch markers are one of the best tools to have when crochet. You can use stitch markers for different purposes but overall stitch markers are used for marking specific stitches. You usually will place a stitch marker on the last stitch of the round. You can also place them in specific stitches to mark where you're going to join a crochet piece for example.

My opinion on Stitch Markers

There are a handful of different types of stitch markers. Some stitch markers are harder to use and other ones are similar but easier to use. I will show you how to use the most common stitch marker. I personally think this stitch marker is the easiest to use.

My stitch markers

Before I show you how to use stitch markers, I wanted to show you mine. If you click the button or image below you will be able to purchase the stitch markers I have. This kit is great because it’s only around $3 for 104 stitch markers. Best of all, it already brings a case so you don’t lose any stitch markers. Click the button or image to buy the ones I have.


Step 1:

First open up the stitch marker.

Step 2:

Insert your stitch marker into the last stitch of the round.

Step 3:

Now close your stitch marker so that it doesn’t slip out.

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