Nativity Scene


I personally adore this nativity set. It is one of my finest creations and work. I hope that you like my Nativity Scene and find it beautiful.

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Before we get into the tips and tricks, I wanted to tell you that my Nativity Set is available on Etsy for sale. Click the button or image below to see the Etsy listing. Since you're reading this blog post I'm giving you a 20% discount for my Nativity Set.

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On the other hand, I learned a handful of techniques making this set and I will teach you how to do two of them.

  1. Front Post Single Crochet

  2. How to make crochet pieces twistable

Now let me teach you how to do these techniques and tricks.

Front Post Single Crochet

Step 1:

Insert hook into the next stitch.

Step 2:

Insert your hook into next stitch backwards.

Step 3:

Yarn over and pull through post.

Step 4:

Yarn over and pull through the two loops on your hook.

Here’s a photo of where I used this stitch my amigurumi. I used the front post single crochet in Joseph and in Mary.

How to make crochet pieces twistable

Step 1:

Finish your crochet piece but don’t close the hole.

Step 2:

Using a pipe cleaner cut it to the size of your crochet piece.

Step 3:

Insert your pipe cleaner into your crochet piece. Now finish your crochet piece

Step 4:

Shape the crochet piece as you want it.

There are more ways how to make a crochet piece moveable and twistable but this is the best and easiest way. I used this method when making Joseph's staff.

I also used this method in making a small twistable snake, and it's very cool. Check out my video tutorial below.

My Struggles

Making this Nativity Set was a ton of fun. I struggled in some parts and other parts were easy. The most difficult part was when I had to learn and crochet the front post stitch. After a lot of times practicing, it wasn’t that hard. When I first looked at the pattern I taught that the arms were going to have to be sewn on and I was like that part is going to be a nightmare, but once I came to that part I realized that the arms are crocheted onto the body. I would recommend that if you're designing a pattern you use the none sewing arms method. Your buyers for the pattern will thank you, me too.

Here are a handful of images of my Nativity Set.

Please do not hesitate to contact me through @aprende_crochet on Instagram if you have any questions.

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