How to Use Pins


Welcome to another blog post by @aprende_crochet ! In this blog post, I will show you how to use pins when sewing. Pins have been a gamechanger for me since I don't like to sew. If you don't like to sew or find it difficult you've come to the right place.

Learning how to use Pins

I don't want to waste any of your time so how about we get right into it. If you scroll down below the step-by-step instruction, there's a small time-lapse that shows me sewing something using the pins.

Step 1:

Insert your pin through a stitch on the piece you're going to sew.

Step 1:

Now insert that same pin through a stitch on the main piece.

Step 1:

Now you have successfully inserted a pin.

Step 1:

Now removing one by one sewing the two pieces together. Using pins when sewing heads to animals can be extremely helpful.

Step 1:

The pins will also help you to line up the stitches so it also looks better.


Here is a small time-lapse of me sewing using the pins. If you want to the end I even show you want to do so you can tuck in the remaining yarn.

A little about Pins

The main use of pins is to help you when your sewing, but you can also use pins to mark where you want to sew different parts. If you struggle or don't enjoy sewing I definitely recommend purchasing some pins to help you. Below is a photo of mine in case you would like to buy some similar to the ones I have.

Please do not hesitate to contact me through @aprende_crochet on Instagram if you have any questions.

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