How to hold a crochet hook


In this blog post, you will get to learn how to hold and use a crochet hook. Now I must say there are many ways of holding a crochet hook but this is the easiest, most efficient, and best way. If you are just getting started you won't need a full set of hooks. But if you want to have a complete set of hooks here is a link to the ones I have and they have worked amazing. 

My Hooks

If you’ve checked out the crochet hooks I have you can see they're pricy but it’s worth it. Also, if you're familiar with using clay you can make your own crochet hooks. You don’t need a factory to make them for you, you can make them yourselves. Once I know how to make a crochet hook, I will launch a blog post teaching how to do it. Anyway, let me teach you how to hold and use a crochet hook. 

How to hold a crochet hook.

Put three fingers on the crochet hook, like showed in the photo.

Put your thumb on the hook size.

Now put your index finger on the behind of the hook size.

Like I mentioned before there are different ways to hold a crochet hook but this is the easiest and most common.


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