I am super excited to show you my second favorite amigurumi I’ve ever crocheted. My favorite amigurumi’s blog post will be coming next week so stay tuned. Making this fox was so much fun, it was really easy to make. The pattern for this amigurumi is by @foxy.crochet.

My Insights

When I was making this fox’s head if you look closely at the photos you can see on the sides that the fox’s head is pointy. While the head was being made, I didn’t like how it was turning out. I later learned that I have to wait until the amigurumi is finished in order to judge it. This amigurumi has a lot of parts that need to be sewn on. Using pins was a lifesaver for me. The reason I used pins is so I could pin the ears to the head so I could see how it would turn out and then I sewed the pieces on. I did the same for the headband, tail, nose, and etc. In two weeks, there will be a blog post about how to use pins so stay tuned.


While I was making this creation, I learned a couple of stitches so let me show you how to crochet them. Here is the list of the stitches I will teach you.

  1. Split Half Double Crochet

  2. Picot Stitch

Let’s get started!

Split Half Double Crochet

Step 1:

Insert your hook into the split of the last rows half double crochet stitch. Look at the picture to see where I mean.

Step 2:

Yarn over and pull through.

Step 3:

Now yarn over and pull through all three loops.

Picot Stitch

Step 1:

Finish whatever stitch your crocheting.

Step 2:

Now crochet three chains.

Step 3:

Now crochet a slip stitch in the first chain.

Step 4:

Immediately keep on crocheting the row or round you're working on.

My Fox on Instagram

Here are a couple of photos of my fox. Head over to my Insta to see more photos of my fox. This amigurumi is even included in a reel on my Instagram. Click the button below.

Please do not hesitate to contact me through @aprende_crochet on Instagram if you have any questions.

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