I present to you Barnaby the Donkey. Barnaby was made for the march ami-along. In case you didn't know if you head over to every month they host an ami-along. If you sign up you will get an amigurumi to make. This amigurumi was one of my favorite amiguruumis I've made from the ami-along.

Where to find the Pattern, and a little about Barnaby

The pattern for Barnaby is by IRENE STRANGE. You can buy the pattern on if you want. Barnaby's favorite snack is a carrot. He likes to fight crimes and rescue farmer's crops from bad guys. If you're wondering I bought the yarn for Barnaby in the Dollar Store. The yarn brand is: Premier Just Yarn Worsted.


While making this amigurumi I learned a couple of stitches and techniques. Below are the things I will show you today.

  1. Loop Stitch

  2. How to fasten off using front loops

  3. Invisible Decrease

Hope you are excited to learn how to do these Stitches Techniques so let's get started.

Loop Stitch

Step 1:

First insert your hook into the next stitch.

Step 2:

Then form a loop around your finger.

Step 3:

Now grab the far side of the loop and pull through the stitch.

Step 4:

Now yarn over and pull through the two loops on tour hook.

Once you have done Steps 1-4 you have successfully completed the Loop Stitch. There are other ways to do it but in my opinion, this is the easiest way.

How to fasten off using front loops

Step 1:

First fasten off the crochet piece you're making leaving a long tail for sewing.

Step 2:

Now stitch by stitch grab all the front loops of the last round. You want to pull tight so that it all comes together.

Step 3:

Once you've gone around picking up all the loops insert you needle in the middle so you can hide the left over yarn.

Invisible Decrease

Step 1:

First insert your hook into the front loops of the next two stitches.

Step 2:

Now pull through two loops that are on your hook.

Step 3:

Last pull through the final two loops that are on your hook.

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